Andrew Heim

Full Stack Developer

No Dice

No Dice is an app that let’s you spin dice. I enjoy board games in my spare time, so I roll a ton of dice. I thought it would great if there was an app that added a little flare to rolling dice on a mobile phone. Other apps on the market just don’t have the same feel of rolling dice in real life, so what I wanted to do was make a new movement in using mobile devices for figuring out dice results. So I came up with the idea of treating the dice like a slot machine.

You can have multiple dice in one set, and even have other dice only spin if a previous dice resulted in a certain condition. You can also spin words and colors, which could be used for figuring out the first player, or even just deciding where to go to lunch.

I used mainly Angular JS to spin up this app in a matter of months. I then used Cordova/Phonegap to wrap it and make a mobile application. You can download the app on Android or use it in your browser.