Andrew Heim

Full Stack Developer

Catholic Community Services Inventory System

For my Senior Project at Weber State University, we had to form a group and make an application for a business or non-profit in the community. I had connections with Catholic Community Services, because my significant other worked there. Catholic Community Services offers assistance with food for those that need it. They were in dire need of an inventory system, because they were keeping track of their inventory by paper.

Our group was made up of 8 students. With my connection with CCS I was made the lead of the project. The project was split into two semesters. For the first semester we gathered the company’s requirements for the application and made the project charts for designing the product; this included UML Charts, an ERD, and mock ups. During the planning process we determined the application would best run using a tablet. The Computer Science Department at Weber State University was very generous by donating a Nexus 7 along with a hand scanner.

The second semester involved programming the application for about two months. We separated the group into three teams. One team would work on the code that would be used on the tablet. The second team was in charge of making sure the equipment was set up properly. The last team, my team, worked on report generation of the system. I designed the reports to have the capability of customization, by being able to select what type of food, where it was located, who it was given by, etc. Then we released it to the client to beta test for a month. A few changes were made to make the program more useful. Overall the project was a success and helped make CCS’s day a little easier.